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How do Video Doorbells Work

Ring doorbell 3

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Video doorbells are simple and easy to use.


What are video doorbells


  • Video doorbells are a new technology that allows you to see who is at your front door.


  • You can answer the door from anywhere, whether it’s in another room or halfway around the world.


  • They also have a two-way talk so you can communicate with whoever is on your doorstep.


  • And they’re completely wireless, meaning installation takes minutes and there are no wires needed!


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Why do you need a video doorbell


  • Video doorbells are a great way to keep your home safe.


  • You can check in on what’s happening at your front door from anywhere in the world.


  • The video doorbell is easy to install – you’ll be up and running within minutes of opening it.


  • It’s an affordable option that doesn’t require professional installation or wiring.


  • There are plenty of different styles available, so you’re guaranteed to find one that suits your needs.


  • Get peace of mind knowing the people who come into contact with your property are authorized visitors.


How do they work


  • The video doorbell records what is happening outside of your home and sends you alerts when it detects motion or sound.


  • You can also talk back by speaking through the app on your phone, tablet, or computer.


  • A video doorbell will make you feel more secure in case something happens while you’re not home.


  • This new technology has been shown to reduce crime rates by up to 10% in neighbourhoods where they have been installed.


  • There are many different brands available – some offer free installation for a limited time as well as discounts if purchased online now!

Video Doorbell Reviews 

Ring doorbell

Ring Video Doorbell Wired by Amazon – HD Video, Advanced Motion Detection, hardwired installation | With the 30-day free trial of Ring Protect Plan


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Ring Video Doorbell


  • The ring is a doorbell that can be mounted on any standard door surface.


  • The camera has HD video, night vision, and motion detection.


  • It connects to your home Wi-Fi network for live streaming of video.


  • You can answer the door from anywhere with an app or by using your phone’s browser.


  • Comes in black or white colours.


  • Compatible with Amazon Echo devices for voice control (Alexa).
How to install the Ring Video Doorbell


  • Make sure your doorbell is working.


  • Install the Ring Video Doorbell by following the instructions in the box.


  • Connect to Wi-Fi and download the app on your phone or tablet.


  • In a few minutes, you’ll be able to see who’s at your front door from anywhere!


  • You can even set up motion alerts so that you can get notified when someone approaches your home.


  • If something seems off, just press “Ring” on the app and talk to them through their smartphone camera.


Features of the Ring Video Doorbell 


  • It has night vision, so you can see who is at the door even when it’s dark outside.


  • You can customize alerts for motion detection and more.


  • It also works with IFTTT (if this then that) which means you can set personalized responses to events like someone ringing the doorbell or opening your garage door.


  • Get notifications on your phone if someone rings the bell or opens a door in your home while you’re away from home.


  • There are two ways to power it – either using batteries or wiring it into an existing chime system in your house.

Ring doorbell 3

Ring Video Doorbell 3 by Amazon | HD video, improved motion detection, and easy installation | With the 30-day free trial of Ring Protect Plan


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Ring Video Doorbell 3 


  • The Ring Video Doorbell 3 is a sleek and innovative new doorbell that attaches to the outside of your home.


  • With improved motion detection, you’ll know who’s at your front door before they even ring it.


  • You can watch live video from anywhere with an internet connection, so you never miss a delivery or visitor again.


  • It’s easy to install – just plug in and go!


  • With two-way audio, you can answer the door from inside the house if someone rings it while you’re there.


  • For security reasons, we recommend pairing this product with other smart home devices like Amazon Key for enhanced protection around your property.

Eufy video doorbell

eufy Security, Video Doorbell Wireless 2K (Battery-Powered) with Chime, 2K HD, No Monthly Fee, On-Device AI for Human Detection, 2-Way Audio, 16GB Local Storage, Simple Self-Installation



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Eufy Video Doorbell 


  • The Eufy Video Doorbell is a smart doorbell that lets you see and hear who’s at your door.


  • It has 1080p HD video, night vision, two-way audio, motion detection, and works with Alexa.


  • You can also use it to monitor your front porch or anywhere in the world when you’re not home.



How does it work 


  • The Eufy Video Doorbell is a smart doorbell with HD video streaming.


  • It can be installed on your front porch, side door, or back entrance.


  • You can answer the call from anywhere using your smartphone and watch live videos of who’s at the door.


  • If you’re not home, it will store footage for up to 24 hours and send alerts to your phone when motion is detected in front of the camera.


  • With an easy installation process and affordable price point, this device is worth checking out!


  • The Eufy Video Doorbell is a smart doorbell that connects to your WiFi so you can see who’s at the front door from anywhere.


  • It has an HD camera with night vision, motion detection, and two-way audio.


  • You can answer the door from your phone or tablet when someone rings the bell.


  • It works with IFTTT for triggering alarms based on what you want.


  • You have to pay for cloud storage of video recordings – which is cheaper than other options.


  • If there are any problems, customer service will be happy to help!


Comparison with other video doorbells on the market today


  • Video doorbells are a great way to see who is at your front door without having to open it


  • The Eufy video doorbell has many features that make it stand out from other video doorbells.


  • Here are the top 6 reasons why you should buy the Eufy video doorbell over others on the market today:


  1. Eufy video doorbell is a great value


  1. The camera quality of the Eufy video doorbell is better than other models on the market


  1. It has a sleek design and comes in three colours to match your home’s exterior 


  1. You can monitor what’s happening at your front door from anywhere with an internet connection 


  1. It will work for homes up to 1,000 sq ft in size or more


  1. You’ll get free cloud storage for 30 days if you purchase the product directly from Amazon


  • You can read reviews for this product by clicking here.


  • Click here if you want to purchase this product online and have it delivered in a few days!


  • Read more about this company and what they do best!


Simplisafe alarm system 13 piece

SimpliSafe 13 Piece Wireless Home Alarm System (3rd Generation) with Motion Sensor, HD Security Camera and Outdoor Siren – Home Security Systems with Optional Monitoring and No Contracts



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Simplisafe Video Doorbell 


  • The Simplisafe Video Doorbell is a doorbell that connects to your home’s Wi-Fi network, allowing you to see and speak with anyone at the front door.


  • You can also customize the settings on the app so that it will notify you when someone rings or knocks on your door, even if you’re not there.


  • It has an HD camera with night vision for clear viewing in light conditions.


  • There are no monthly fees – just one upfront cost.


  • This device comes with a free lifetime monitoring service through ADT (a company trusted by over 5 million customers)


  • It includes 1 year of video history storage, but after that period is up, you can choose to keep some or all of it for $10 per month.


  • You can use this product as a stand-alone system or connect it to other devices like smart locks and cameras.


  • The Simplisafe Video Doorbell is compatible with both iOS and Android phones so there’s no need for extra equipment if you have one of these devices already installed on your phone!   

Arlo video doorbell

Arlo Essential Wireless Video Doorbell Camera, 1080p HD Security camera, WiFi, 2 Way Audio, Motion Detection, Built-in Siren, Night Vision, 90-Day Free Trial of Arlo Secure Plan, White



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Arlo Video Doorbell


  • Arlo Video Doorbell is a new way to answer the door.


  • The camera records video, audio, and motion events in HD quality.


  • You can see who’s at your door from anywhere with an internet connection.


  • It’s easy to install – you just need two AA batteries for the base station and one rechargeable battery for the camera.


SkyBell slim line

Alarm.com Skybell Slim Line Doorbell Camera Silver-


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SkyBell Slim Line 


  • The SkyBell Slim Line Doorbell is the newest product on the market.


  • Its sleek, lightweight design makes it easy to install and use.


  • The doorbell has a built-in camera that records video of visitors while they wait at your front door.


  • You can also answer your door from anywhere in the world with the app! 


  • Get one for yourself today by clicking here!


Arlo Pro 2

Arlo Pro2 Wireless Home Security Camera System CCTV, Wi-Fi, Alarm, Rechargeable, Night Vision, Indoor or Outdoor, 1080p, 2-Way Audio, Free Cloud Storage, 3 Camera Kit, VMS4330P


[button size=”medium” style=”primary” text=”Buy Now On Amazon” link=”http://” target=””]

Arlo Pro 2 Camera System with Wire-Free Base Station and 3 Cameras – Works with Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT and More (Arlo Smart Home)


  • Arlo Pro 2 Camera System


  • Wire-free Base Station


  • 3 Cameras


  • Works with Alexa and Google Assistant


  • High-quality video resolution  6x zoom, night vision up to 25 feet.


Arlo Pro 2 Camera System with Wire-Free Base Station and 3 Cameras – Works with Alexa


  • The Arlo Pro 2 Camera System is a great way to protect your home and family.


  • This system is wire-free which means you can place the cameras anywhere in your house without having to worry about running wires through your walls or ceilings.


  • You’ll get 3 cameras with this kit, each of which has night vision capabilities so they’re perfect for any time of day.


  • These cameras are weatherproof, meaning that if inclement weather enters the room where the camera is located it won’t affect performance – all you need to do when bad weather strikes are wipe off the lens.


  • For an easy installation process, these cameras have magnetic mounts so there’s no drilling necessary! Simply attach them onto metal surfaces with 3M tape or screws (not included).


  • With two-way audio capability on every camera, you’ll be able to hear what’s happening inside and outside of your home at any given time.


What is included in the box


  • Arlo Pro 2 Camera System


  • Charging Cable


  • Wire-Free Quick Mounts x4 


  • Screws and Anchors for Wall/Ceiling Installation 


  • Adhesive Mounts x4 


  • Magnetic Mounts X8 (includes 4 corner mounts)


Setup process for the cameras


  • Download the Arlo app from either Google Play or Apple App Store.


  • Create an account with your email address and password.


  • Connect to Wi-Fi by turning on the camera’s WPS button.


  • Turn on motion detection in settings, so that when someone walks in front of a camera, it records them for you.


  • Place cameras where they will be able to capture what you want them to (for example, outside doors).


  • Upload clips directly from the app using the iOS share sheet or Android share menu, which sends videos straight to your phone’s gallery.


How to install batteries in your cameras


  • Find the battery compartment on your camera.


  • Put in new batteries, ensuring you match the + with the + and – with the – 


  • Close the battery compartment door securely.


  • Press the “reset” button on Arlo pro 2 to restore factory settings or turn off/on the device.


  • You’re all set! Enjoy your cameras again!


Initial setup of the base station – includes pairing it to your WiFi network, downloading app on phone/tablet, setting up account, and creating a schedule 


Setting up the Base Station


  • Plugin the Base Station and connect it to your router.


  • Download the Arlo app on your phone (you’ll need a smartphone).


  • Choose how many cameras you want to install, then follow the prompts for adding them to your base station.


  • Position each camera where you want it by screwing or drilling into a wall, plugging in power and internet cables, and following instructions from the app.


  • Place the Base Station near an outlet and position it so that all of your cameras can be seen clearly while also leaving enough space for other electronics like lamps or televisions.


  • Take advantage of night vision with infrared LEDs – this is available on both outdoor and indoor models! 


  • Install motion sensors to record every movement around your home when nobody’s there! You can also use these sensors as alerts if someone enters through a door or window while you’re away from home.


  • Download video clips directly onto any device that has WiFi access with just one tap! The Arlo Pro 2 system works wirelessly up to 100 feet without needing any additional wiring setup – perfect for capturing footage no matter where they are in your house! All videos are stored securely online.


Pairing with your Phone


  • Simply download the app on your phone and follow the instructions for setup.


  • The app will provide you with notifications when motion is detected in your house or yard, so you can always know what’s happening at home.


  • You can also get alerts if someone unplugs an Arlo camera, changes its battery, or moves it too far away from its base station.


  • There are no monthly fees for using this service – just purchase the cameras and enjoy peace of mind! 


  • Video doorbells are a great way to know who is at your front door without leaving the comfort of your living room. They can be used as a form of home security, or just for peace-of-mind when you’re gone from the house all day long and want to see if there’s any packages left on the porch before going back outside. We’ve compiled this list of some video doorbell reviews that will help you find one that suits your needs best! Have questions about how they work? 


Check out our FAQ page below. If you have anything else we haven’t covered, please get in touch and we’ll do our best to answer it right away! 


Happy shopping!


Video Doorbell FAQs 


  1. Can anyone see me on the camera when I answer the front door with my video doorbell?


When you answer the front door, nobody sees you on your video doorbell camera from the outside of your home.


    2. How to improve privacy for a video doorbell


Install a motion-activated light near the front entrance or install an outdoor security camera to make sure someone isn’t lurking in the bushes waiting for their chance to break into your house.


Keep all valuables out of sight when answering the front door – don’t let thieves know that there are valuable items inside your home.


If you have pets, put them away before answering the front door so they don’t jump up at people who come over unexpectedly and scare them off.

     3. Will an installation company come to my house to install this for me or can I do it myself?


Doorbells are a great way to increase security and get packages delivered more efficiently.


There are many different types of doorbells that can be installed on your home, including wired or wireless models.


Wired doorbell systems require a phone line while wireless ones don’t.


Wireless doorbell systems use batteries, which need to be replaced every few months.


If you’re looking for a professional installation service, it’s best to contact the manufacturer directly because they will have better knowledge of all their products.


With today’s advancements in technology, there is an app for everything! In this case – Ring offers free professional installations with any purchase from their site.


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