Video Wireless Smart Doorbell 1080P HD with Camera WiFi Chime and 32GB SD Card




  1. 1080P HD camera for high quality video
  2. 1/3” CMOS lens 2MP
  3. 8 LEDs for crystal clear image day and night
  4. 166 degress viewing angle for maximum coverage



  1. Support for 2 way audio
  2. Mic with noise cancellation technology for best communication experience even in noisy environments


Motion Detection

  1. You will be notified on the mobile when somebody moves in front of the camera
  2. Intelligent motion detection technology prevents false alarm when pets or cars move in front of the camera



  1. Cloud storage provided by Tuya Smart or Smart Life (paid subscription)
  2. Support for 32GB SD card storage (32GB SD card pre-installed)
  3. Oldest videos will be overwritten when the storage is full
  4. Videos are encrypted and can only be viewed in the APP with privacy protection


Battery Powered

  1. Powered by rechargeable long life batteries which can last for 45-60
  2. Wire free easy installation
  3. You can charge it using a USB charger



  1. 1 Chime is included which has 5 volume levels and 50 ring tones
  2. Supports multiple chimes
  3. Chime has 50 meters range outdoors but may vary indoors



  1. Wi-Fi (2.4GHz only). No support for 5GHz
  2. Wi-Fi with strong signal which can penetrate through all types of walls and doors
  3. Smart Wi-Fi configuration allows you quick installation


Convenience and Multiple User Support

  1. View when away from home
  2. Simultaneous multiple user support